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Home Owners

Electricity In Your Home

Not more legislation effecting my own home we can hear you saying.  Yes, the regulations which are designed to keep individuals safe in their home when using electricity has been put in place to reduce the number of deaths, injuries and fires caused by faulty electrical installations. The regulations are in place to make it harder for cowboy builders, un-registered electricians and amateur DIY individuals leaving electrical installations in an unsafe condition.


Injuries & Accidents In The Home

The UK has a fairly good record record of electrical safety. However, there are over 30 deaths and close to 4,000 injuries from electrical accidents in homes across the UK each year. Although many accidents are caused by faulty appliances than the electrical installation itself a properly installed and well maintained installation could save lives.


So You Think Your Home Is Safe

The Electrical Safety Council has produced a booklet that can be downloaded by clicking on the image below, this covers the basic fundamentals regarding electrical safety in the home.

So You Think Your Home Is Safe



Who Should Carry Out Electrical Work On My Property

In January 2005, Part P of the Building Regulations came into force. These regulations introduced safety standards to electrical installations within domestic properties. This means that, with few exceptions, any electrical work undertaken in your home such as the addition of a new electrical circuit or any work in your kitchen, bathroom or garden area must be notified to the Local Authority Building Control for inspection for more details go to our Part P page.

Property Owners Electrical Safety & Building Regulations

As an introduction to those wanting some more information we have included below some external electrical safety information and building regulations for those that might be considering a building project in the future which we think may be of interest to you.  Just click on a picture below and it will open a new web page.

Building Regulations Interactive Guide

Building Work

Building Regulations